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Buch: The Datafied Society

Hier habe ich ein interessantes Buch gefunden: The Datafied Society Studying Culture through Data, herausgegeben von Mirko Tobias Schäfer & Karin van Es.

Es ist online erhältlich: http://oapen.org/search?identifier=624771

Autoren sind unter anderem: Theo Röhle, Richard Rogers, Lev Manovich, Annette Markham, Evgeny Morozov u.v.a.m.

The Datafied Society: Studying Culture Through Data thinks through the opportunities and pitfalls of doing research with data provides within the humanities (and media studies in particular). It covers different research methods, considers how researchers can engage with the datafied society, and reflects on moral and discrimination issues that need to be tackled when embarking on research. Through a series of four short interviews with leading scholars it furthermore pinpoints the key ideas in big data research.

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