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cfp. Secrecy and Society

Das neue Open Access-Journal Secrecy and Society hat einen aktuellen Cfp veröffentlicht:

This call for papers is a response to resurgent political trends, especially in the wake of recent world events and social movements. In Issue 2 of Secrecy and Society, we address the subject of secrecy and authoritarianism, including how ideology and popular beliefs are constituted through knowledge claims such as “alternative facts,” disinformation, disingenuous rhetoric, “populist conspiracy theory,” “post-truth,” and propaganda.

Außerdem versammelt die erste Ausgabe eine Reihe namenhafter Autoren mit interessanten Beiträgen.

u.a. sind dabei:

  • Susan Maret: The Charm of Secrecy: Secrecy and Society as Secrecy Studies
  • Gary T. Marx: Humpty Dumpty Was Wrong – Consistency in Meaning Matters: Some Definitions of Privacy, Publicity, Secrecy, and Other Family Members
  • Brian Martin: Reflections on Censorship
  • Chris Hables Gray: Could Technology End Secrecy?
  • u.v.a.m.

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