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Neue Ausgabe von Surveillance & Society

Jftsang at English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons.)New Issue: Volume 16, Number 1 (2018)

Hier ein paar Stichworte zum Inhalt:

  • Algorithmic Fetishism (Torin Monahan)
  • It’s the Camera! A Special One: The Smartboxing of Image Processing Algorithms and their Uncertainties in Media Representations of Surveillance Technology (Christoph Musik)
  • Crowdsourced Countersurveillance: A Countersurveillant Assemblage? (Mark Andrew Wood and Chrissy Thompson)
  • Security against Surveillance: IT Security as Resistance to Pervasive Surveillance (Mike Zajko)
  • The Eyes of Law Enforcement in the New Panopticon: Police-Community Racial Asymmetry and the Use of Surveillance Technology (Josh A. Hendrix, Travis A. Taniguchi, Kevin J. Strom, Kelle Barrick, and Nicole J. Johnson)
  • The All-Seeing Eye of State Surveillance in the Italian Football (Soccer) Terraces: The Case Study of the Football Fan Card (Alberto Testa)
  • Soiveillance: Self-Consciousness and the Social Network in Hideaki Anno’s Love & Pop (Jeeshan Gazi)

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